Local Government

HB 1036 – Party emblems on ballots. Repeals the provision that requires apolitical party’s emblem to be printed on an election ballot above the party caption.

HB 1046
– Proof of citizenship for election candidates. Requires proof of identity and status as a United States natural born citizen for the office of President and Vice President to be submitted with other required certification documents to the Secretary of State.

HCS HB 1059 – Election recounts.Changes the required percentage necessary to initiate a recount of the votes cast in an election.

HCS HB 1060 – Elections. Changes the laws regarding local and state elections. Among other provisions, allows candidates in certain local elections to assume offices in nonpartisan elections when the number of candidates for office equals the number of positions available; specifies that in a nonpartisan election in any political subdivision or special district except for certain municipal elections, where no election is held because the number of candidates is equal to the number of positions, the election authority must publish a notice of the candidates who will take office; repeals the provision requiring an absentee ballot to be rejected if sufficient evidence is shown to the election authority that the absentee voter has died prior to the opening of the polls on election day;increases the state committee filing fee for a presidential candidate from$1,000 to $10,000 for any election year.

HB 1080 – Ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance. Changes the laws regarding ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance. Among other provisions,prohibits statewide elected officials or members of the General Assembly from registering or acting as a lobbyist within two years after leaving office, and from soliciting any registered lobbyist for a position with a hiring date beginning after the person is no longer an elected official; prohibits any member of the General Assembly from accepting any item, service or thing of value from any lobbyist; requires any person employed by the state, any elected or appointed official of the state, or any political subdivision or public school district who is compensated for political activities or consulting to file a financial interest statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission;prohibits a committee from transferring any funds to another committee if the same individual is the treasurer for both committees; specifies an amount of contributions made by or accepted from any person other than a candidate in anyone election.

SCS HB 1104
– Photo ID. Changes the laws regarding elections by requiring a voter to provide photo identification.

HB 1121 – Financial interest statements. Changes the laws regarding the filing of a financial interest statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

HB 1170 – Special property tax assessment. Allows any county collector to add and collect a special property tax assessment to the property’s annual real estate tax bill.

HB 1176 – Prevailing wage in disaster areas. Allows a school district or a county, city, town, or village to exempt itself from the prevailing hourly wage for certain work if it is in a disaster area.

HB 1183 – Presidential primary. Excludes the year 2012 from the requirement that a statewide presidential preference primary be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February of each presidential election year.

HB 1203 – County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund. Allows money from the county law enforcement restitution fund to be used for county inmate work and service programs and limits the amount a county can assess an individual for certain offenses to $10. Support concept of inmate work and service programs. Oppose creation of special fund.

HCS HB 1211 – Franklin County municipal court. Authorizes Franklin County to establish a county municipal court if approved by the county commission. No position.

HB 1268 – Local government annual revenue from traffic violations. Changes the laws regarding the requirements of the governing body of a city, town, or village when its annual revenue from fines and court costs for traffic violations exceed 35% of its total annual revenue.

HB 1293 – Inverse condemnation. Requires suits in inverse condemnation or involving dangerous conditions of public property against a municipal corporation to be brought only in the county where the land or any part of the land lies.

HB 1320 – Campaign finance. Changes the laws regarding campaign contributions.

HCS HB 1340
– County commission interim appointments. Specifies that the county commission must appoint an interim county official when there is a vacancy in the office of county clerk,collector, or assessor.

HB 1365
– Prohibition on felons in local government office. Prohibits a felon from qualifying as a candidate for elected office in cities of the fourth classification.

HB 1369 – Local ordinances regarding firearms.Allows any person with a valid concealed carry endorsement to openly carry firearms on or about his or her person or in a vehicle regardless of any other state law or local ordinance.

HB 1377 – Condemnation proceedings. Changes the laws regarding condemnation proceedings. Lowers the length of family ownership required for150% of fair market value in condemnation proceedings from 50 to 35 years;requires a municipality seeking to acquire property through eminent domain to establish by clear and convincing evidence that there is a specific need for acquiring the property by eminent domain and that there are no other viable,reasonable alternatives for the specified need.

HB 1415 – Straight-ticket voting. Allows an individual at a general election to vote a straight party line ticket by voting for all candidates of the same political party with a single punch or mark.

HB 1416 – St. Louis County Courthouse security. Specifies that an attorney who presents a current valid Missouri Bar membership card to St. Louis County Courthouse security must not be subject to any security screening. No position.

HB 1438 – Advance ballots. Allows a voter to cast an advance ballot in certain circumstances.

HCS HB 1442
– Statewide office vacancy. Fills a vacancy in the office of United States Senator,Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, or State Treasurer by appointment by the Governor or a special election.

HB 1453 – Nuisance abatement ordinances. Adds Greene County to the list of counties authorized to enact certain nuisance abatement ordinances.

HB 1464 – One-year prohibition on lobbying by former statewide elected officials and legislators. Prohibits statewide elected officials and legislators elected to their first term on or after November 2,2012, from acting, serving, or registering as a lobbyist within one year of leaving office.

HB 1483 – Local ordinances regarding firearms on public transportation.Specifies that a political subdivision cannot prohibit a person with a valid concealed carry endorsement from carrying a concealed firearm onto a train or public bus.

HB 1485
– Prohibition on candidates who are in violation of court-ordered payments. Prohibits any person who is in violation of a court order to pay specified monetary judgments from qualifying as a candidate for an elective office and his or her name from appearing on a ballot.

HB 1492
– Cass County municipal court.Authorizes Cass County to establish a county municipal court. No position.

HB 1493 – Prevailing wage. Changes the laws regarding how the prevailing hour wage requirement for a given occupational title is determined for a county.

HB 1560 – Appointments of St. Louis City Circuit Court Clerk. Changes the selection of the circuit clerk in the 22nd Judicial Circuit in St. Louis City from being elected by the qualified voters to being appointed by a majority of the circuit judges of the circuit.

HB 1562 – Attorneys employed by county sheriffs. Allows the sheriff of any county to employ an attorney to aid and advise him or her in the discharge of the sheriff’s duties and to represent him or her in court.

HB 1582 – County office vacancies. Changes the laws regarding filling vacancies in certain county offices.

HB 1589/SB 680 – Local regulation of firearms. Repeals authority for political subdivisions to regulate open carrying of firearms and requires certain local ordinances incorporate statutory justifications.

HB 1636 – Municipal ordinance violations in associate circuit court or county municipal court. Allows certain cities, town, and villages to elect to have only certain municipal ordinance violations heard by an associate circuit court or county municipal court. Support adequate accommodation for defendants with special needs.

HB 1729 – Transfer of Taney County Court. Transfers Taney County from the38th Judicial Circuit to the newly established 46th Judicial Circuit and specifies that the 38th Judicial Circuit will consist only of Christian County.Support concept of adequate judiciary.

HB 1856 – Stoddard County Prosecutor. Allows Stoddard County to change the prosecutor’s position to a full-time position on January 1 of the year following approval by the voters.

HCS HB 1869 – Initiative and Referendum Petitions. (See State Government)

HJR 39 – Legislative amendment to an approved initiative. Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting any change by the General Assembly to a statute as approved by voters through the initiative petition process without a certain percentage of votes.

HCS HJR 47 – Petition signature requirement. Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the number of voter signatures that are required to place an initiative petition or a referendum on a ballot.

SB 437 – Joint election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Requires the joint election of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

SB 442
– Photo ID. Establishes photo identification requirements for voting.

SB 459 – Local public works projects. Requires those engaging in public works to employ individuals from the locality in which the project is being constructed.

SB 461/SB 535 – Local Control of St. Louis police force. Allows the City of St. Louis to control its police force without state intervention.

SB 475/SJR 24/SJR 30 – Joint election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Requires the joint election of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

SB 484 – Do Not Call list. Modifies the state do-not-call list and creates “paid for by” requirements for political phone calls.

SB 490 – Private nuisance actions. Modifies the laws regarding certain private nuisance actions.

SB 502 – Jury duty. Allows elected officials to be excused from jury duty during their term of office. Oppose.

SB 510 – Market factors considered by county assessors. Requires county assessors to consider market factors in determining value of real property for tax purposes.

SB 525 – Judicial elections. Provides for nonpartisan elections of judicial candidates and forbids certain judges and candidates from engaging in political activities. No position.

SB 574
– County ordinance violations. Allows associate circuit judges in Greene and Cass counties to hear and determine county ordinance violations.

SB 575
– Nuisance abatement ordinances. Allows Greene County to enact nuisance abatement ordinances.

SB 589 – Red light cameras fines. Requires political subdivisions using automated traffic enforcement systems to distribute such fines to local school districts for transportation purposes.

SB 591 – County assessors and motor vehicle values. Allows county assessors to use any motor vehicle valuation guide approved by the state tax commission to value motor vehicles for personal property tax purposes.

SB 600 – Federal notification of local law enforcement. Requires federal agents to personally notify the sheriff in the county where a federal warrant is to be served.

SB 610 – Prohibition on red light cameras. Prohibits political subdivisions from using automated photo red light enforcement systems to enforce red light violations.

SB 704 – Inverse condemnation. Requires inverse condemnation or dangerous public property suits against municipal corporations be brought in the county where the land or any part lies. Support.

SB 725 – Tax increment financing. Prohibits a municipality from adopting a redevelopment plan involving tax increment financing without a finding that the developer does not owe delinquent taxes.

SB 741 – Independent audit of federal seizures. Provides that law enforcement agencies only have to procure an independent audit of federal seizures if the proceeds from the federal seizures exceed $500,000.

SB 774 – Initiatives and referendums. Requires the Secretary of State to post certain initiative and referendum material on its website.

SB 808 – Recall elections for U.S. Senators. Implements recall elections for U.S. Senators.

SB 817 – Initiative and referendum petitions. Modifies the laws relating to initiative and referendum petitions. Among other provisions, states that anyone who signs a false name on a petition shall be guilty of an election offense rather than a class A misdemeanor; decreases the time for the Secretary of State to approve or reject the form of a petition from 30 days to 15 days.

SB 825 – Campaign contribution limits. Imposes campaign contribution limits for all statewide office, General Assembly, and all other elected offices in the State of Missouri.

SB 851 – Former legislators. Bars legislators from lobbying and serving on boards commissions and committees for two years after leaving office.

SB 862 – Prompt Pay Act. Modifies the Missouri Public Prompt Payment Act.Among other provisions, repeals certain retainage provisions where certain circumstances exist.

SB 888 – County municipal courts. Authorizes Franklin County and Clay County to establish a municipal court if approved by the county commission.

SB 897 – Roadside checkpoints. Prohibits law enforcement agencies from establishing roadside checkpoint or road block patterns based upon a particular vehicle type, including the establishment of motorcycle-only checkpoints.

SJR 23/SJR 26 – Term limits. Proposes a constitutional amendment to create term limits for all statewide elected officials.

SJR 31 – St. Louis City. Makes St. Louis city a part of St. Louis county.

SJR 37 – Apportionment commissions. Requires all meetings of apportionment commissions to be conducted in public and prohibits commission members from serving in General Assembly for 10 years after service on commission.

SJR 48 – Apportionment commissioners. Prohibits apportionment commission members from serving in the General Assembly for four years from the date the commission is discharged for failure to file a map with the Secretary of State.

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