Administrative Law and Licensing

HCS HB 1030– Collection of state debt. Among other provisions,changes the laws regarding the collection of money owed to the state by allowing all state agencies to refer to the Department of Revenue for the collection of any debt owed to them; establishes a state amnesty program for taxpayers from the assessment or payment of penalties and interest on delinquencies of unpaid taxes. 

 HB 1032 – Investigation of adoptive parents. Adds a licensed professional counselor to the list of those authorized to conduct a full investigation into whether an individual is suiteable as an adoptive parent.

 HCS HB 1072– Volunteer Health Services Act. Establishes the Volunteer Health Services Act to allow certain licensed health professionals to provide services without additional licensure requirements.

 HB 1102 – Reporters of sexual abuse. Requires any person who observes a child being subjected to sexual abuse to immediately report or cause a report to be made to the Children’s Division.

 HCS HB 1123 – Licensure of hospitals. Changes to laws regarding the licensure and inspections of hospitals.

 HB 1135 – Automatic termination of administrative rules. Requires the termination of all administrative rules based on the time of promulgation and allows an agency to repromulgate a rule that is set to terminate. Oppose.

 HB 1145/SB 448 – Nathan’s Law and Sam Pratt’s Law. Establishes Nathan’s Law and Sam Pratt’s Law which change the laws regarding child care providers; specifies that related children will be counted toward the total number of children being cared for as it applies to licensure of a provider;requires licensure-exempt facilities to disclose exempt status to parents or guardians; authorizes the Department of Health and Senior Services to immediately close illegally operating facilities; authorizes the department to conduct investigations of unlicensed facilities in the same manner as licensed facilities when the department is notified or has determined that criminal charges are pending against a provider. 

 HCS#2 HB 1155 – Limited driving privileges. Changes the laws regarding limited driving privileges and commercial driver’s licenses.  Among other provisions: disallows the issuance of limited driving privileges to repeat DWI offenders for certain purposes; requires a prior and persistent offenders of intoxication-related offenses to perform 30 and 60 days(respectively) of community service before being eligible for probation or parole; requires CDL applicants to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certification requirements.

 HB 1181- Private attorney contracts. Establishes the Transparency in Private Attorney Contracts Act, which among other provisions, prohibits the state from contracting with a private attorney for a contingency fee unless the Attorney General makes a determination that the representation is both cost effective and in the public interest; specifies the maximum amount that a private attorney may receive in contingency fees under a state contract; requires a government attorney to retain control over cases and the private attorneys;requires a copy of any contingency fee contract, the Attorney General’s determination,and the payments of contingency fees to be posted on the Attorney General’s website. No position.

 HB 1184 – Financial responsibility. Specifies that any person who fails to provide proof of motor vehicle financial responsibility will have the vehicle he or she is operating impounded until valid proof is provided and all fees are paid.

 HCS HB 1186 & 1147 – English-only driver examinations.Requires Missouri driver’s license examinations to only be administered in English. 

 HB 1297 – Licensure and certification requirements for current and former military personnel. (See Military Law)

 HCS#2 HB 1323 – Establishes Sam Pratt's Law which authorizes the Department of Health and Senior Services to prohibit an unlicensed child care provider from continuing to provide services if there are pending criminal charges.

 HB 1350 - Establishes Nathan’s Law which changes the laws regarding child care facilities.

 HB 1369 – Local ordinances regarding firearms. Allows any person with a valid concealed carry endorsement to openly carry firearms on or about his or her person or in a vehicle regardless of any other state law or local ordinance. 

 HB 1428 – Firearms. Revises the crime of unlawful use of weapons and authorizes the revocation of a concealed carry endorsement when the holder is convicted of committing a felony while in the possession of a firearm. 

 HB 1473 – Driver’s license suspensions and revocations. Specifies that filing a petition for trial de novo results in the stay of the driver’s license suspension or revocation order and the issuance of a temporary license until a final order is issued. 

 HB 1491 – Mandatory reporters of child abuse. Requires a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect to make a report and removes the option of causing a report to be made.

 HB 1619 – Gubernatorial appointments. Requires the Governor to maintain and regularly update a listing of appointees to state boards,commissions, committees, and councils including residences, races, genders, and term expiration dates. 

 HB 1620 – Gubernatorial appointments. Requires the Governor when selecting appointees to state boards, commissions, committees, and councils to ensure that the membership reflects racial and gender equity based on population if possible. 

 HB 1627 – Nondisclosure of judges’ personal information. Expands the restriction on the release of the home address or other information contained in Department of Revenue motor vehicle or driver registration records to include state and federal judges. Support.

HB 1678 – Midwives. Changes the laws regarding midwifery.

 HB 1885 – Real estate commission complaints. Provides any person who has a real estate appraisal with standing to file a complaint with the real estate commission. 

 SB 469 – Review of administrative rules. Requires a periodic review of all administrative rules and modifies provisions regarding the awarding of certain fees in administrative actions. Oppose.

 SB 489 – Weapons. Authorizes the use of certain otherwise unlawful weapons and adopts a grandfather clause for firearms safety training certificate prior to 2011.

 SB 526/SB 742 – Credentials for health care professionals.Requires health carriers to credential health care professionals within 60calendar days of receipt of complete application.

 SB 579 – Notices to the Real Estate Appraisers Commission.Eliminates a requirement that banks, savings institutions, and credit unions file a certain notice with the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission.

 SB 580 – Gaming licenses. Modifies the licensing period for certain licenses issued by the Missouri Gaming Commission. 

 SB 604 – Appropriations for attorney fees. Prohibits a state agency from requesting an additional appropriation of state moneys to satisfy an award of attorney fees and other expenses. Not in scope.

 SB 605 – Campaign finance. Eliminates duplicate filing of campaign finance disclosure reports by requiring certain campaign committees to file with the Missouri Ethics Commission, rather than to both the Missouri Ethics Commission and the appropriate local election authority. 

 SB 621 – Hospital licensure. (See Health & Hospital)

 SB 650 – Senate confirmation of gubernatorial appointments.Requires Senate approval for gubernatorial appointments to certain boards,commissions, and committees.

 SB 667 – Peer review. Creates a peer review process for architects, landscape architects, land surveyors, and engineers.

 SB 685 – Ex parte communication with PSC. Modifies ex parte communication requirements involving the Public Service Commission by applying the current requirement that communication with a member of the commission about substantive matters related to a pending case be made in public settings or a record of private communication be included in the case file to matters likely to become the subject of a case. 

 SB 739 – Administrative child support orders. Modifies provision relating to administrative child support orders. No position.

 SB 774 – Initiatives and referendums. Requires the Secretary of State to post certain initiative and referendum material on its website. 

 SB 775 – Gubernatorial appointments. Requires the Governor to give thirty days notice to the General Assembly before an appointed official’s term ends. 

 SB 786 – Audit of death penalty costs. Requires the state Auditor to audit and compare the costs of death penalty cases and first-degree murder cases in which the death penalty is not sought. Not in scope.

 SB 805 – Failure to yield. Increases the penalties and driver license suspension periods for those who fail to yield the right-of-way in certain instances.

 SB 809 – Service animals. Modifies provisions relating to public accommodations and service dogs for persons with mental disabilities.

 SB 851 – Former legislators. Bars legislators from lobbying and serving on boards commissions and committees for two years after leaving office. 

 SB 859 – Mixed Martial Arts. Authorizes the Division of Professional Registration to regulate mixed martial arts and creates rules for amateur contests. 

 SB 873 – Exemption from appraiser license. Creates an exemption from real estate appraiser license requirement for persons representing property owners in appealing assessments. 

 SB 893 – Criminal history checks. Requires certain offenders to undergo criminal history checks in order to have their driver's licenses reinstated or have limited driving privileges granted.

 SJR 37 – Apportionment commissions. Requires all meetings of apportionment commissions to be conducted in public and prohibits commission members from serving in General Assembly for 10 years after service on commission. 

 SJR 44 – State budget cycle. Creates a two year budget cycle.

 SJR 45 – Missouri enforcement of federal actions. Prohibits Missouri state government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of certain actions of the federal government. Oppose.

 SJR 48 – Apportionment commissioners. Prohibits apportionment commission members from serving in the General Assembly for four years from the date the commission is discharged for failure to file a map with the Secretary of State.  

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