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State Government

SS#2 SCS HCS HB 89 – Natural resources (See Environmental & Energy Law)

HB 109 – Linked deposit program Currently, the State Treasurer cannot invest in any linked deposit, the value of which is to be lent to a recipient other than an eligible water supply system or an eligible student borrower, after December 31, 2015, or invest in any linked deposit, the value of which is to be lent to any new eligible facility borrower, after January 1, 2020.  This bill repeals these provisions allowing the State Treasurer to invest in these deposits after those dates.

The bill contains an emergency clause.

(Signed 6/22/11)

SS SCS HB 137 – Conveyances of state property (See Property Law)

HB 182 – Colon cancer awareness day (See Health & Hospital)

HB 190 – Cash transactions by the Department of Natural Resources Upon a request from the Director of the Department of Natural Resources, this bill authorizes the Commissioner of the Office of Administration to provide funds in an amount not to exceed $500 each to the division directors of State Parks and Geology and Land Survey or to any other division within the department to be placed in a revolving fund for the purpose of cash transactions involving the sale of items made by that division. (Signed 6/22/11)

CCS SS HCS HB 193 – Congressional districts This bill establishes eight districts for the election of representatives to the United States Congress beginning with the 113th Congress.  The districts are described by census geography, voting districts, and census blocks in accordance with the 2010 census.  Districts currently in statute will remain in effect for any election to fill a vacancy in the 112th Congress. (Vetoed 4/30/11, Overridden by the General Assembly 5/4/11)

SCS HB 270 – State employees' health insurance benefits (See Labor & Employment Law)

HCS HB 315 – Multiple versions of state statutes Combines and modifies the provisions of the Revised Statutes of Missouri that have been enacted by more than one bill so that there is only one version of the statute.  Some revisions may result in a clarification or change to an existing statute. (Signed 7/5/11)

SCS HCS HB 344 – Agriculture (See Agricultural & Animal Law)

HB 423 – Health Care Compact (See Health & Hospital Law)

CCS SS SCS HCS HB 430 – Transportation (See Transportation Law)

SS SCS HCS HB 431 – Foster care and adoption (See SS SCS HB 604, Family & Juvenile Law)

SCS HCS HB 464 – State boards, commission, committees, and councils Changes the laws regarding state boards, commissions, committees, and councils and articles of incorporation by business entities. Eliminates, combines, and revises certain state boards, commissions, committees, and councils.

ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION BY BUSINESS ENTITIES (Section 369.024) Specifies that upon approval of a petition of incorporation, for a savings and loan association, the Director of the Division of Finance within the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration must certify the approval in writing and deliver one copy of the articles of incorporation to the Secretary of State, along with the incorporation fee.  Currently, two copies are required to be given to the Secretary of State. (Signed 7/8/11)

HCS HB 465 – Credit unions (See Commercial Law)

HB 484 – Missouri State Transit Assistant Program (See Transportation

SCS HCS HB 552 – Bleeding disorder therapies (See Health & Hospital Law)

SS SCS HCS HB 555 – Health care (See Health & Hospital Law)

HCS HB 557 – Mental health earnings fund Allows the Mental Health Earnings Fund to be used for the deposit of revenue received from the proceeds of any sales and services from Mental Health First Aid USA.  Subject to appropriations, the proceeds must be used to fund Mental Health First Aid USA activities. (Signed 5/5/11)

SS#2 HB 648 – Individuals with disabilities (See Health & Hospital Law)

HB 667 – Prostate cancer pilot programs (See Health & Hospital Law)

HB 749 – Child abuse prevention Designates April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month” to be observed with activities that increase awareness of the issue and the prevention methods available to reduce child abuse incidents.

Also designates the “blue ribbon” as the official state symbol for child abuse prevention. (Signed 5/5/11)

HB 795 – Missouri School Read-In Day Designates the second Friday in March as “Missouri School Read-In Day.”  The day is to be appropriately observed with activities that promote an increased awareness of the importance and benefits of reading and that encourage greater emphasis on reading in the school and in the home. (Signed 5/5/11)

SCS HB 798, HB 141, HB 153, HCS HB 363, HB 415 & HB 813 – Highway and bridge designations (See Property Law)

SCS HB 1008 – Highway infrastructure improvement agreements Allows the Highways and Transportation Commission within the Department of Transportation to enter into binding highway infrastructure improvement agreements to reimburse or repay any funds advanced by or for the benefit of a county, political subdivision, or private entity to expedite state road construction or improvement.  An agreement may provide for the assignment of the commission’s reimbursement or repayment obligations.  Provisions required to be included in such a contract are specified. (Vetoed 7/8/11)

HJR 2 – Religious freedom in public places (See Education & School Law)

SB 38 – Prostate cancer pilot program (See H.B. 667, Health & Hospital)

CCS HCS SB 59 – Judicial procedures (See Probate & Trust Law)

SCS SB 68 – Powers of the general assembly Authorizes the issuance of a subpoena for the production of records at the request of any member of the Senate or House of Representatives, the party accused, or any member of committee.  Currently, these individuals can only make a request to subpoena a witness. (Signed 6/17/11)

HCS#2 SB 96 – Conveyances of state property (See Property Law)

HCS#2 SB 97 – Conveyances of state property (See Property Law)

HCS SCS SB 163 – Higher education governing boards (See Education/School Law)

CCS HCS SB 173 – Transportation and infrastructure (See Transportation Law)

SB 180 – Bicycling awareness observances Designates the month of October as “Walk & Bike to School Month,” the first Wednesday of October as “Walk & Bike to School Day,” the month of May as “Missouri Bicycle Month,” the third Friday of May as “Bike to Work Day,” and the week of Bike to Work Day as “Bike to Work Week” to promote the benefits of walking and cycling to school and to encourage users to safely share the road. (Signed 7/5/11)

SS SB 306 – Credit unions Changes the laws regarding the Division of Credit Unions within the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. 

(1)  Requires the division director to be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate;

(2)  Requires the division director and each employee, before entering upon the discharge of his or her duties, to take an oath that he or she will not reveal any facts, conditions, or affairs of any credit union that he or she may have knowledge of by virtue of his or her official position unless required to do so by law;

(3)  Prohibits the division director and any division employee who participates in the examination of a credit union or who may be called upon to make an official determination, other than as a member of the Credit Union Commission, from being an officer or director of any credit union regulated by the division or from receiving any payment or gratuity from any of these credit unions, negotiating loans for others, or being indebted to any state-chartered credit union;

(4)  Authorizes the division director to compel the production of documents and the attendance of and administer oaths to any person having knowledge of any issue involved with an examination or investigation.  The division director may seek judicial enforcement of an administrative subpoena by application to the appropriate court which will be subject to the same defenses or to a protective order as deemed appropriate by the court in accordance with Missouri Supreme Court rules.  All information must be held in confidence absent a court’s finding of compelling reasons for disclosure;

(5)  Prohibits a state-chartered credit union, its director, or any of its officers or employees from being charged with libel, slander, or defamation for any good faith communications with the division director or any division employee;

(6)  Allows the division director to serve a written notice to an individual of his or her intention to remove the person from office when it appears that the person while conducting the affairs of a credit union has committed a violation of any law or regulation or a cease and desist order, has violated any agreement or condition imposed in writing by the division director, has engaged in any unsafe or unsound practice, or has committed or engaged in an act, omission, or practice which constitutes a breach of his or her fiduciary duty to the credit union or a crime involving dishonesty or breach of trust.  If the division director finds it necessary to protect any credit union or its members, he or she can serve written notice on the person to suspend or prohibit him or her from participating in any manner in the conduct of the affairs of the credit union or from any other credit union supervised by the division director unless the division director gives written consent allowing for participation in another credit union;

(7)  Requires the notice of intention to remove a person from or to prohibit his or her participation in a credit union to contain a statement of the facts constituting the grounds for removal or prohibition and to set a hearing time and place.  Within 10 days of the suspension or prohibition from participation in the conduct of the affairs of a credit union, the person can apply for a stay of the suspension or prohibition with the circuit court of the county in which the credit union is located or the circuit court of Cole County pending the completion of the administrative proceedings under the notice served upon the person;

(8)  Specifies that if at any time there are not enough members to constitute a quorum because of the suspension of one or more members of any board of directors, the remaining members will be vested with the powers or functions of the board until there is a quorum.  If all directors have been suspended, the division director will appoint temporary directors;

(9)  Removes the provision which prohibits a credit union from issuing a loan to a director or a credit or supervisory committee member of the credit union in excess of $25,000 for certain specified purposes;

(10) Removes provisions regarding fees and charges being added to the reserve fund of a credit union and requires all credit unions to establish and maintain sufficient reserves to qualify for and maintain federal share insurance and to meet any requirements concerning minimum reserves established by a regulation of the division director; and

(11) Requires a credit union that is merging to mail or deliver a notice of the meeting to vote upon the merger to each member between 14 and 30 days prior to the meeting.  All members must be given the opportunity to vote on the merger or consolidation plan at the meeting or without attending the meeting by written or electronic ballot.  Currently, notice must be given as provided in the credit union’s bylaws or by a letter to the shareholders. These same procedures will apply when a state-chartered credit union votes to convert to a federal credit union. (Signed 7/5/11)

CCS#2 HCS SCS SB 356 – Agriculture (See Agricultural Law)