Immigration Law

HB 62 – Citizenship information on sexual offender registration. Adds citizenship information to the sexual offender registration form and requires the State Highway Patrol to report to the federal government any non-U.S. citizen on the sexual offender registry.

HB 167 – Driver’s examinations. Requires Missouri driver’s examinations to be administered in English.  

HB 168 / SB 195 – Citizenship information on identification. Requires driver’s licenses, non-driver’s identification, and instruction permits issued to non-U.S. citizens to contain a “non-citizen” emblem.


HB 206 – Business fines for hiring of illegal immigrants. Imposes a fifty thousand dollar fine for business entities or employers hiring illegal immigrants.

SB 114 – Higher education for immigrants. Provides that certain aliens will receive in-state tuition at college and universities that meet certain requirements.

Index of Bills by Subject Matter

  • CCS - Conference Committee Substitute
  • HB - House Bill
  • HCS - House Committee Substitute
  • HS - House Substitute
  • HJR - House Joint Resolution
  • SB - Senate Bill
  • SCS - Senate Committee Substitute
  • SS - Senate Substitute
  • SJR - Senate Joint Resolution
  • * - Missouri Bar Committee-Drafted Legislation

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