Education Law

HB 219 – Background checks for school employees. Changes the laws regarding background checks for school employees.

HB 243 / HB 244 – University of Missouri Board of Curators. Changes the composition of the University of Missouri Board of Curators relating to the reorganization of congressional districts (HB 243 includes a provision to include a voting student curator).

HB 273 – Cyberbullying. Defines “cyberbullying” as it relates to the antibullying policy that school districts must adopt and establishes specific requirements for each school district in implementing the policy.

HB 624 – Prohibiting corporal punishment in schools. Prohibits corporal punishment from being administered in any public school and removes provisions specifying that certain spanking in a school is not to be considered abuse.

SB 54 – Amy Hestir Student Protection Act. Creates the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act; amends several sections of Missouri law relating to protecting children from sexual offenders; grants immunity ti school distrit employees for certain actions relating to employment decisions relating to student safety; amends the statute of limitations for certain sexual offenses against a person under the age of 18.


SB 342 – Enrollment of foster care children. Requires school districts to implement criteria for the enrollment and educational success of foster care children.

SB 391 – Teacher evaluation. Requires the school board of each school district and charter school to establish an evaluation system for teachers and teaching.

Index of Bills by Subject Matter

  • CCS - Conference Committee Substitute
  • HB - House Bill
  • HCS - House Committee Substitute
  • HS - House Substitute
  • HJR - House Joint Resolution
  • SB - Senate Bill
  • SCS - Senate Committee Substitute
  • SS - Senate Substitute
  • SJR - Senate Joint Resolution
  • * - Missouri Bar Committee-Drafted Legislation

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