Construction Law

SB 101 – Contractors. Creates requirements for contractors who perform home exterior and roof work.

SB 108 – Installation of fire sprinklers. Extends the expiration date concerning the installation of fire sprinklers in certain home dwellings to December 31, 2019 and modifies adoption by a political subdivision of certain residence codes.

SB 290 – Indemnity in construction contracts. Modifies the law that limits indemnity agreements in construction work contracts, specifically expanding the prohibition to hold harmless the negligence of the party’s employees or agents; extends the anti-indemnity provisions to include the party’s officers, employees and agents; expands definitions of terms within the section.

Index of Bills by Subject Matter

  • CCS - Conference Committee Substitute
  • HB - House Bill
  • HCS - House Committee Substitute
  • HS - House Substitute
  • HJR - House Joint Resolution
  • SB - Senate Bill
  • SCS - Senate Committee Substitute
  • SS - Senate Substitute
  • SJR - Senate Joint Resolution
  • * - Missouri Bar Committee-Drafted Legislation

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