Commercial Law

HB 132 – Unsecured loans. Changes the laws regarding unsecured loans of $500 or less, commonly known as payday loans; prohibits renewals of loans to circumvent interest rate reductions; prohibits a lender from making a loan to a person who currently has a payday loan within two weeks of satisfaction of a previous loan; authorizes the Attorney General to enforce loan restrictions; limits loan fees and creates a minimum repayment schedule.

HB 279 – Homestead bankruptcy exemption. (See Elder Law)

HB 323 – Mortgage disclosures and reverse mortgages. Changes the laws regarding certain mortgage disclosures and requires any lender making a reverse mortgage loan to allow for the repayment of the loan after the death of the person who entered into the loan.

HB 491 / SB 375 – Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. Changes the requirements regarding when funds can be released from escrow accounts under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.

HB 646  /  SB 335 – Disclosure of cigarette sales. Allows the annual number of cigarettes sold by each tobacco manufacturer to be disclosed by the Department of Revenue.

HB 721 – Foreclosures. Requires a lending institution purchasing property at a foreclosure sale and selling the property in an amount that exceeds the purchase price to apply excess amount to any deficiencies or judgments.

HB 816 / HB 817 – In-state purchases with TANF funds. (See Poverty Law)

SB 83 – Sale of deficiency waiver addendums. Allows for the sale of deficiency waiver addendums and other similar products with respect to certain loan transactions.

SB 94 – Loan assistance for energy efficiency. (See Environmental & Energy Law)

Index of Bills by Subject Matter

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  • * - Missouri Bar Committee-Drafted Legislation

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