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Leadership Academy Alumni

Since the inaugural class of 2001 to most recent graduating class, Leadership Academy has graduated more than 150 alumni. Following graduation, 95% of the program's graduates have actively participated in multiple bar activities:  

  • Five have been elected to the Board of Governors
  • Nine have been appointed by either the Supreme Court of Missouri or The Missouri Bar to a special task force or commission
  • Seven serve or have served on the Client Security Fund Committee
  • Two are volunteers in the Fee Dispute Resolution program
  • Nine serve or have served on the Advisory Committee on Citizenship Education
  • Nine were elected as officers in local bar associations around the state
  • More than seventy have participated as speakers, moderators or authors for CLE programs and publications
  • Nineteen have served as a committee chair or co-chair
  • Seventeen serve or have served on the Young Lawyers’ Section Council.
  • Twelve have participated or currently participate in the legislative review process
  • Sixteen currently serve or have served on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee
  • Eight have been appointed to the Legal Education Committee
  • Two serve as editors of the Courts Bulletin
  • Two have served on the Lawyers’ Assistance Committee
  • One has served as a Division Chair

Information about Class of 2016-2017

Leadership Academy Alumni and Service Projects

Class of 2015-2016  

Developed a 12-week social media campaign designed to link the bar with its newer members. The campaign – entitled So Now You’re a Lawyer – will provide tips, insights, and links to resources while serving as a point of connection for new Missouri Bar members. Each member of the Leadership Academy class developed blog posts and photos to answer common questions of news lawyers, such as how to find a job, how to file a document, or how to act in front of a judge. The content will be shared across social media platforms utilized by The Missouri Bar, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Connect with and join the conversation using #NewMOLawyers. Although geared toward new lawyers, the project will also serve the bar’s overall communication strategy by providing information to new and seasoned lawyers alike about the services and information available from the organization. 

Kathleen Croker

Christopher Dandurand

Damien de Loyola

Matthew Diehr

Bryan Fisher

Amanda Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Catherine Larrison

Steven Ramsey

Emma Schuering

Laurie Washington


Class of 2014-2015 

Public Resource Directory. This extensive online listing of resources available to Missouri citizens at the local, state and federal levels include contact information specific to each county in the state of Missouri. The directory includes information about how to find and choose a lawyer, resources for families in need, health care resources, help for victims of domestic violence, information about Social Security and disability, consumer protection, criminal law, employment law, housing issues, immigration, and a comprehensive list of contact information for government agencies at all levels. The Public Resource Directory is published under the “Public Resources” tab at

Tracy L. Barnes

L. Jared Boyd

Erin D. Dark

Sarah L. Devlin

Karma Q. Johnson

Danielle R. Kerckhoff

Summer L. Masterson-Goethals

Michael L. Miller

Christa B. Moss

Vanessa M. Starke

Patrick J. Thornton

Stephan R. Tomlinson


Class of 2013-2014 

Developed content for two programs for expansion of Mini Law School for the Public. The first, Becoming a Lawyer, examines the intensive process from law school to the bar exam to continuing legal education and the ethical rules all attorneys must follow. The second, Civil versus Criminal, explains the differences between civil and criminal cases. The two presentations are available for use as part of a half-day program for attorneys or judges to offer to their local community, allowing the Mini Law School for the Public to expand to any corner of the state.

Maureen M. Brady

Laura K. B. Brown

Jose S. Caldera

Jordan L. Force

Juan A. Gomez Rodriguez

Benjamin J. Hodges

Charnissa E. Holliday-Scott

Ronald Nguyen

Camille L. Roe

Abbie Hesse Rothermich

Michelle F. Schwerin

Stephanie L. Wan


Class of 2012-2013 

Developed scripts and created a series of videos to provide information and raise awareness of The Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program.

Tanya K. Alm

Adam A. Brown

Arimeta R. DuPree

L. William Hardwick

Lauren A. Horsman

Andrea R. Long

Justin L. Mason

Samir R. Mehta

William P. Mobley

Daniel F. Portnoy

Ryan C. Turnage


Class of 2011-2012 

Developed The Internet is Forever, a collection of lesson plans, student assessments, PowerPoint presentations, and learning activities for teachers. The lessons are grouped into five categories. There is also an overview explaining the project, its purpose and goals to parents and school administrators.

Tara L. Blackburn

Cassie J. Carpenter

Patrick C. Edwards

Sara Weilert Gillette

Sheena R. Hamilton

Amber Hackett Jeffers

Christopher W. Lebeck

Candyce I. McNeely

Jessica M. Mendez

Erica L. Mynarich

Goldie L. Tompkins

Cassandra J. Washington


Class of 2010-2011 

Developed Practical Aspects of Practicing Law: A Manual for New Missouri Lawyers, a manual for new Missouri lawyers to provide practical tips and guidance on handling issues and navigating situations frequently encountered by those new to the practice of law.

J. Zachary Bickel

Aarnarian (Apollo) D. Carey

Darryl M. Chatman, Jr.

Susan B. Henderson Moore

Kendra R. Howard

Yamini A. Laks

Andrew C. Lawson

Jason R. McClitis

Jessica A. Mikale

Kate E. Noland

J. Kendall Seal

Jonathan T. Sternberg

Jerri J. Zhang


Class of 2009-2010 

Developed 21st Century Professional Perspectives, a video that addresses issues of ethics, civility, and professionalism. The class members wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the video, which is available from The Missouri Bar as an instructional aid for use in law school courses and continuing legal education programs.

Ashley H. Atwell

Kerry C. Feld

Robert L. Hess

Bruce E. Hopson

Robert S. Kenney

Fibbens Addo Koranteng

Christallyn McCloud

Jalilah Otto

Adam P. Pihana

Dianna R. Reed

Jacob Shellabarger

Angela Alvarez Simmons

Brenda Stacey

Shira Truitt


Class of 2008-2009 

Met with new attorneys at the spring enrollment ceremony to provide information and encourage involvement in bar activities. The class also produced a podcast series entitled We Are The Missouri Bar, featuring past and present Leadership Academy members and Missouri Bar leaders discussing their involvement in the bar.

Melanie Daily

Ryan T. DeBoef

Lacy M. Fields

James. E. Gore

Micah D. Hall

Kirra N. Jones

Jennifer M. McAdam

Stephanie D. White Thorn

Kristol L. Whatley

Ronda F. Williams

Guillermo G. Zorogastua

Class of 2007-2008 

Created a public service announcement to advance public awareness about the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan. The PSA was broadcast through The Missouri Bar YouTube channel. The class also presented to hundreds of college students about the Plan.

Beth Anderson

Jacqueline L. Blocker

Cyrus Dashtaki

Amany Ragab Hacking

Aaron M. House

Jacki Janelle Langum

Shazzie Naseem

Robert L. (Bob) Ortbals, Jr.

Amy Woods Hoyt

Ebony Woods McCain


Class of 2006-2007 

Updated Missouri Bar pamphlet previously titled "Stepping Out." The title was changed to Turning 18: Some Things About the Law You Need to Know and covered topics ranging from leasing an apartment to drunk driving. The class also organized a group of attorneys to present information from the pamphlet to Missouri high school students.

Joel E. Anderson

Michael E. Anfang

Francesca F. Cheroutes

Omar D. Davis

Sreenu Dandamudi

Julia S. Grus

Kevin S. Hillman

Karlla S. Philpot

David Slaby

JR Swanegan

Lauren E. Tucker McCubbin


Class of 2005-2006 

Organized a 5K race at the Missouri Bar's Solo and Small Firm Conference to benefit The Missouri Bar Loan Repayment Assistance Program.

Jamica D. Dowell

Jane Drummond

Michael J. Hackworth

Scott A. Hamblin

Julia D. Kitsmiller

Kemba Logan

Gretchen Yancey

Nicole Sublett

Jennifer L. Thompson

Class of 2004-2005 

Translated the bar’s domestic violence public information brochure into Spanish. The class also developed a list of shelters and organizations to assist in distributing the brochures to Spanish-speaking Missourians.

Phillip C. Boyd
Adam M. Burkemper

Adriane Dixon Crouse

Lenin V. Guerra

Wendy M. Hickey

Rolanda S. Johnson

Lynn W. Judkins

Teresa R. Laidacker

Kimberly J. Shields

Leslie T. Tolliver-Rogers

Karen C. Warren


Class of 2003-2004

Created a website to provide young people with information about legal issues they are likely to encounter (e.g. family and domestic, labor and employment, juvenile, criminal, etc.).

Tamara Jameson Anfang

Suzette Carlisle

Kori S. Carew

C. Michelle Coleman

Jason H. Lamb

Amy K. Maloney

Nelson V. Munoz

Elizabeth A. Ortmann-Vincenzo

Robert D. Paredes


Class of 2002-2003 

Revised and presented an 8-hour legal curriculum for Missouri Girls State ("MGS"). Prior to the class's involvement, students at MGS did not receive college credit for their law course. The 2002-2003 class revamped the MGS law program and submitted it to Central Missouri State University for accreditation. Members of the 2002-2003 class then spent a week in Warrensburg and taught approximately 175 MGS students. Some members of the class enjoyed the project so much that they still teach law at MGS every year.

Kimberly R.H. Franks

Gwendelyn M. Garcia

Nancy Morales Gonzalez

Joseph L. Hensley

Matthew M. Krohn

Phebe A. La Mar

Andrea N. Lueckenhoff

Megan E. Phillips

Tracy L. Powell

Thomas B. Snider


Class of 2001-2002 

The class project focused on the importance of jury service. The class prepared a teaching curriculum and a video titled "We the Jury." The curriculum and video aimed to teach high school juniors and seniors about the jury selection process and the role of the jury in the court system. The class then used the curriculum and video to make presentations in schools.

Nimrod "Rod" Chapel, Jr.

Matthew J. Devoti

Christian L. Faiella

Holly Joyce

Jolie L. Justus

Maylin Wong Mahoney

Brent D. Newman

Katharine Shepherd Porter

Scott A. Robbins

Victoria (Vickie) Shatz


Class of 2000-2001

Service Project aimed to provide senior citizens with information about resources available to them from the Missouri Bar. The class accomplished this by integrating public service information available from the Missouri Bar into one distributable format.

James D. Beck

John E. Cozean

Danelle Carter Duffy

Kimberley Cox Fournier

Katherine M. Hardy

Vanita R. Massey

Timothy J. Smith

Michael A. Williams