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Joint Commission on Women in the Profession Launches New Website for Women Lawyers and their Employers

“The Connection Point” Offers Essential Information for Women Attorneys

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – The Joint Commission on Women in the Profession is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website “The Connection Point” ( The new website provides a user-friendly experience with easy navigation and functionality throughout, allowing visitors to have efficient access to a variety of resources for women lawyers with the option to share information on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

"Having spent much of last summer studying the stories of female attorneys breaking into the practice of law in rural Missouri, I am so pleased with how far women have come in the profession - but am equally aware how far we have to go,” said Chief Justice Mary R. Russell of the Supreme Court of Missouri. “I commend the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession for creating this comprehensive one-stop online resource, which will continue to advance the discussion and may serve as an innovative model for other states studying this issue."

The launch of the new website is part of ongoing efforts of the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession to enhance the quality and availability of information to women lawyers statewide.

The commission was formed last July, by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri and in conjunction with The Missouri Bar. It is a reinvigoration of the former Joint Commission on Gender and Justice brought about by the efforts of Supreme Court of Missouri Judges Patricia Breckenridge and Laura Denvir Stith. The commission is charged with assessing the status of women in the profession, identifying barriers to their advancement, combatting bias in the justice system and in the legal profession, and with securing full and equal participation of women in the legal profession.

"I am proud to recognize the many accomplishments of the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession, exemplified in the launch of its new website,” said Stith. “Throughout my judicial career, I have supported multiple efforts to increase diversity in our courts and the entire legal profession. The commission does more than encourage diversity. It also assesses the status of women lawyers in Missouri so that it can help identify barriers and biases that may impede women's efforts at full and equal participation in all aspects of the legal field. By creating this new website, the commission will provide women with easier access to resources and information. It will be helpful to all Missouri women lawyers whether they are new to the bar or in the height of their careers. On behalf of the Supreme Court, for whom I serve as liaison to the commission, I applaud all the commission members for this undertaking."

“The launch of ‘The Connection Point’ during Women’s History Month is intentional,” said Sebrina Barrett, executive director of The Missouri Bar. “This online community for women allows women to connect to their peers across Missouri and celebrate the legacies of women lawyers who paved the way for the thousands of women who practice law in Missouri. This history moves us forward as the Joint Commission on Women in the Profession today rolls out a resource website and social media community that will provide a forum for discussion, opportunities to connect, and nationally reputed sources of best practice solutions for women and their employers.”

The commission is co-chaired by Megan E. Phillips and William R. Bay, and is comprised of members selected by the Court and the Bar. Phillips and Bay said the website boasts a modern design and features a blog, resources, and upcoming events for women lawyers.

“We are delighted to launch ‘The Connection Point,’ where our goal is to provide a functional, friendly resource for women lawyers,” said Phillips. “The website also includes extensive resources for law firms and law students.”

Phillips noted these resources include the latest studies and recommendations for advancing women in the profession, the keys to fair evaluations and pay equity, tips for negotiating compensation, tools for proposing or implementing a reduced-hours policy, the business case for work/life balance, and links to local and national organizations dedicated to the advancement of women lawyers.

“’The Connection Point Blog’ also plays an important role with outstanding women attorneys, law students and diversity professionals writing about new information, practice tips and inspiring professional advice,” said Bay. “Our audience will be able to apply this information to their careers.”

Bay said blog posts will cover recent studies on the state of women attorneys, work-life balance, challenges for female attorneys and law students, lessons from legal pioneers, and career advancement in public, private, and nonprofit law settings. He added readers can engage with the writers by commenting on blog posts or sharing the content that interests them with others on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Phillips and Bay also said “The Connection Point” encourages participation through the website’s News & Events section. In this section, users can stay informed with the latest news and events such as upcoming Continuing Legal Education sessions, workshops, conferences, and special events hosted by the Joint Commission. By simply clicking an event, visitors can view details about the event and add it to their calendars.

Phillips and Bay encourage women lawyers to visit “The Connection Point” and welcome feedback on the new website.

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