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  • Issues Viewing The Website in Internet Explorer 10?

    We have been alerted to an issue that may cause our website to appear differently when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10. The easiest way to correct the issue is to activate "Compatibility Mode." You can find the button to activate this in the image below:

    IE10 Instructions - Image 1

    If you do not see the button -- highlighted by the red circle -- please follow this step-by-step guide to activate "Compatibility Mode."

    1. Right click an empty space above the tabs. This will bring up a secondary menu. Select "Menu Bar."
    IE10 Instructions - Image 2
    2. This will trigger the File-Edit-View menu seen in previous versions of Internet Explorer. Click on the option labeled "Tools" and click on "Compatibility View Settings."
    IE10 Instructions - Image 3
    3. Once the dialog box is open, in the "Add this website" line type if it is not already appearing and then click the "Add" button. Now should function properly. IE10 Instructions - Image 4