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SLU Writing Corner:
Overwrought Orator


Kelly Mulholland and Laura Schulz, Assistant Professors of Legal Writing at Saint Louis University School of Law, are available to answer questions on research and writing that are relevant to new attorneys. Send questions to kmulhol2@slu.edu or schulzlk@slu.edu with YLS in the subject line.

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My First Time Second Chairing
Every young litigator dreams of his or her first trial. Some young attorneys try their first case themselves, either because they practice solo, the partner trusts them with a fender bender case, or they are government attorneys who may not have the resources for second chairs. In medical malpractice cases where doctors’ reputations are on the line, a young associate is fortunate to get to go to trial at all. This past February, after a year and a half of incessant preparing for trials which for one reason or another never came to fruition, my turn finally came. I second-chaired a three-week trial in St. Louis County with six unique defendants and potentially millions of dollars at stake. More

This Is Water
Do you enjoy your job? If you’re reading this, I sure hope you do. Chances are, you’re a lawyer, because I don’t know any non-lawyers who peruse the Missouri YLS Newsletter. So that means you were smart enough to graduate high school, undergraduate school, and law school, and smart enough to pass the bar. Good job, nice work! You’d think with that track record you’d be able to find a job you enjoy. More

You Gotta Know When to Hold Em’…and Know When to Refer Em’
Supreme Court Rule of Professional Conduct 4-1.1 states, “A lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.” But does that apply to the “Moby Dick” personal injury case? Does that apply to the upstart corporate client who always seems to be involved in heated litigation? As much as we young lawyers would love to keep those money makers for ourselves, the answer to both questions above is, “yes.” More

Advice in the Business of Law
The best advice I ever got when opening my own law firm was, “If you work for someone else, you will have income security but not job security.  If you work for yourself, you will have job security but not income security.”  More 

Getting Involved as a Young Lawyer
As a young lawyer, getting involved in your profession can only serve to benefit you.  Getting involved in the Bar is an especially effective way to network with other lawyers, while giving you the opportunity to give back to the profession.  But the question for many young lawyers is, how do I get involved?  The Missouri Bar provides several different opportunities.  More

The Transition to eFiling
The Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) reports that 26 new counties will be implementing electronic filing, or eFiling, this year.  While the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals have been eFiling for just over two years and about a year, respectively, eFiling at the Circuit court level will be fairly new to the vast majority of us who do most of our work there. The evolution to eFiling should be especially easy to young lawyers, who are statistically more proficient with technology.  However, on the other hand, it can seem very daunting to change the way we have learned to do things, especially given that we were just starting to figure out how to do them in the first place.  More 

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