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From SLU's Legal Writing Program

Erica BredehoftErica Bredehoft, Assistant Professor of Legal Writing at Saint Louis University School of Law, is available to answer questions on research and writing that are relevant to new attorneys. Send questions to ebredeh2@slu.edu with YLS in the subject line.


Young Lawyers Should Get Involved in Their Communities

One of the great things about being a lawyer is the opportunity you have to make your community a better place.  There are many ways young lawyers can use the skills they have developed to help others. 


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Feature Article: Direct Evidence Not Required in a Dram Shop Case
Forty-three states and the District of Columbia have recognized some form of dram shop liability. Missouri’s Dram Shop statute is found at section 537.053 and provides the exclusive remedy for third persons injured as a result of the sale of liquor to an intoxicated driver. (More)

“Past Dreams”: A Young Lawyer’s Journey Through the Practice of Law
I remember the first time I saw it. It was a simple, yet captivating photograph; a work of art to which I would often turn to help me comprehend my evolving path through life. (More)

Missouri Incarceration Reimbursement Act (MIRA)
Many criminal offenders (and their defense attorneys) are unaware of the fact that our legislature has determined that if offenders have the means to pay for the costs of their incarceration, then they should be required to pay those costs. (More

Five Tips for New Prosecutors
The role of prosecutor is unique in the legal profession. Unlike other attorneys, whose only job is to zealously advocate on behalf of a client, a prosecutor has an ethical obligation to uphold justice and ensure that the defendant’s rights are being protected. (More)

The Importance of Collegiality for Young Lawyers
“After you get out of law school and begin practicing law, you will very quickly develop a reputation among the other lawyers in your community. Make sure it is the right reputation—because if it isn’t, it will be very difficult to change it over time.” (More

The Missouri Bar’s Fee Dispute Resolution Program
Unfortunately, many attorneys in private practice will eventually have a fee dispute with a client at some point in the careers. (More)

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