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The Missouri Bar’s Fee Dispute Resolution Program

Unfortunately, many attorneys in private practice will eventually have a fee dispute with a client at some point in the careers.  These disputes can often be resolved through the Missouri Bar’s Fee Dispute Resolution Program, which is a voluntary program that allows clients to file complaints about the amounts or reasonableness of legal fees.  Although lawyers may not file a complaint with the program, they often suggest it to a client with whom they have a dispute.  The program is available in cases involving a dispute of more than $500.

The lawyer and client may choose between mediation and binding arbitration.  Both lawyers and non-lawyer professionals who have been trained in ADR volunteer as mediators and arbitrators.  The program allows for speedy and confidential resolution of fee disputes. 

The Fee Dispute Resolution Program is a free service of the Missouri Bar.  There may be a cost, however, if another lawyer or a court reporter is hired.

The program is not available in Kansas City because the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association offers a similar program for that area.

For more information about the program, click here.