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Kelly Mulholland and Laura Schulz, Assistant Professors of Legal Writing at Saint Louis University School of Law, are available to answer questions on research and writing that are relevant to new attorneys. Send questions to kmulhol2@slu.edu or schulzlk@slu.edu with YLS in the subject line.

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Opinions and positions stated are those of the authors and not by fact of publication necessarily those of The Missouri Bar. The material within this publication is presented as information to be used by attorneys, in conjunction with other research deemed necessary, in the exercise of their independent judgment. Original and fully current sources of authority should be researched.


Equality in Discrimination Law Leads to Equality for All
For decades, Plaintiff employment lawyers have advocated that similarly situated individuals should be treated in a similar manner. However, similarly situated discrimination laws were not treated in a similar manner. That was, until April 15, 2014, when the Missouri Supreme Court issued its opinion in the case of Templemire v. W & M Welding, Inc. Templemire was a workers’ compensation discrimination case that sought to overturn the longstanding and inconsistent causation standard, “exclusive factor,” that was used solely in determining the submissibility of workers’ compensation cases. More

A Report on the District 11 Regional Meeting
District 11 representatives, Brian Shepard and Adam Pihana, were fortunate to join forces with the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association to put on a co-sponsored regional meeting which was held on May 29th. More

A Report on the 2014 ABA YLD Spring Conference
Myself, along with my fellow YLS council members Brandon Corl, Jerri Zhang, Morgan Murphy, Bryan Sanger, and Jason Sengheiser, were fortunate to attend the American Bar Association’s 2014 Young Lawyer’s Division (YLD) conference.  The conference was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this past month. More 

What Has The Missouri Bar Done for Me, Lately?
At the beginning of each year, every Missouri attorney gets sent a little note from the Missouri Bar. “Before we can give you that shiny plastic card for this year,” it seems to taunt, “you owe us some money.” In 2014, except for exempt, inactive, out-of-state, or new lawyers (licensed less than three years), each of us owed $410. That’s not small change, especially for public interest lawyers, solo and small firm attorneys, government employees, and those of us still paying off student loans. We all pay our dues because—well—we have to in order to practice law in the state of Missouri. But what else does paying my dues do for me? More

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