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Five Reasons Young Lawyers Should Attend the Bar's Annual Meeting

Lawyers and judges from across the state will attend The Missouri Bar’s annual meeting in Columbia on September 18-20.  Some young lawyers may wonder why they should invest the time in attending the annual meeting.  Here are the top five reasons you should go:

1. Networking
There is no better opportunity for young lawyers to network than attending the annual meeting.  It is your opportunity to meet lawyers of all practice areas and from all parts of the state.  On September 18, you should attend the President’s and Chief Justice’s Opening Night Reception.  The next evening, you won’t want to miss the Best of Missouri Reception, which will be held on the Jesse Hall South Plaza.  These receptions offer an excellent opportunity to network, which can lead to referrals or job opportunities.  Consider it an investment in your career—one that is also a fun time!

2. CLEs Galore
There is no better place to “knock out” your CLEs for the year than at the annual meeting.  This year, the CLEs cover a wide range of issues—everything from family law and ethics to the Second Amendment.  Also, on September 20, you can attend the YLS New (and Transitioning) Lawyer Seminar, which is specifically geared for lawyers like you.  You have to get your CLE hours anyway, right?  Why not get them at the annual meeting, where you can also network and meet up with friends?

3. Meet Your Judges
The annual meeting also consists of the annual judicial conference, which means that many judges from your area will be in attendance.  It is very important for young lawyers to get to know their local judges in order to be able to better represent their clients in front of them.  The annual meeting offers a rare opportunity to meet your local judges in a social setting.  You can also meet judges from the Missouri Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Missouri. 

4. See Old Friends
How often do you get to see your friends from law school?  There is no better opportunity to get together with your law school classmates than the annual meeting.  The law schools from the University of Missouri, Saint Louis University, UMKC, and Tulane University each have an alumni luncheon on September 20.  These luncheons offer you the chance to connect with old friends and some of your professors. 

5. It's Fun!
The annual meeting is more than just conferences and seminars.  It is a fun networking opportunity that allows you to enjoy good food, fine wine and stimulating conversation.  Be sure to not miss the YLS-sponsored event at Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar on September 19.  It is a great way to meet new and old friends in a fun setting. 

For more information about the annual meeting, click here:  http://www.mobar.org/am2013/