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Kelly Mulholland and Laura Schulz, Assistant Professors of Legal Writing at Saint Louis University School of Law, are available to answer questions on research and writing that are relevant to new attorneys. Send questions to kmulhol2@slu.edu or schulzlk@slu.edu with YLS in the subject line.

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An Update on Ryan Ferguson
by Tracy L. Barnes
At the point that Ryan Ferguson’s attorneys submitted their final writ of habeas corpus to the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District in January 2013, it was the 14th attempt by his legal team to get his 2005 sentence overturned.  Convicted at age 19 of the 2001 murder of beloved Columbia Tribune Sports Editor Kent Heitholt, Ferguson, today nearly 30-years-old, received a decision on November 5, 2013, from the Court vacating his conviction. More

Going Off-Book
by Nicholas A. Loyal
In acting, going off-book is a critical step of any performance.  It’s the time when the focus shifts from just saying the words that are on the page to actually understanding the intent behind those words and expressing them with emotion.  Because the art of acting and the legal profession borrow from one another more than any of us would like to admit, it should come as no surprise that this principle of “off-book” performance is just as applicable to lawyers as it is to actors, particularly in one common area of practice: the deposition. More 

Young Lawyers' Guide to Holiday Events
by Morgan Murphy
It’s that time of the year again. Red, green, and metallic invitations are drifting into your office and email inboxes. The first invitation brings a sense of excitement, but as they accumulate and your calendar loses blank space during your December weeknights, the excitement wanes. More

When Does a Plaintiffs' Lawyer Need to Seek a Bankruptcy Expert?
by Betsy Lynch
There are so many PI cases floating around the country, but many plaintiffs' lawyers may be missing opportunities to help their clients if they aren't asking the appropriate questions to assess their client's financial situation upon consulting with the firm. More

Health Care Reform for Young Lawyers
by Stephen Bowen
You can’t turn on the television or read the newspaper without encountering a health care reform headline.  Many people, attorneys included, are overwhelmed by the thought of Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance.  Our clients and friends send us emails all the time wondering if anything needs be done from a form or paperwork perspective.  The answer is probably a bit surprising! More

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