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The Missouri Bar 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference

Substantive Program

Friday, June 8th * 10:15 - 11:25 a.m. * Location: Compton Ferry

Our Town: Representing Municipalities and Politcal Subdivisions

Speakers: Joe Lauber and Joe Gagnon 

Moderator: Shira Truitt

Joe Lauber and Joe Gagnon will present this seminar on the basic issues a practitioner will face when representing a public governmental body. Joe Lauber will address the issues commonly faced by a municipality’s general counsel (city attorney), including: issues of municipal authority, Sunshine Law, parliamentary procedure, municipal finances, boundary adjustments, and sovereign immunity. Joe Gagnon will address the issues commonly faced in a municipality’s court system (city prosecutor or municipal judge), including: Rule 37 and the administration of municipal courts, political and practical aspects of municipal courts, and special issues in prosecuting municipal ordinances. Mr. Gagnon will also address civil litigation matters faced by municipalities including identification of the municipal client, negotiation and settlement issues in the light of the Sunshine Law, working with insurance counsel, and the use of eminent domain.