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The Missouri Bar 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference

Technology Program

Friday, June 8th * 12:45 - 1:55 p.m. * Exhibit Hall Meeting Room B

My Law Office is Wherever I Am: Alternatives to the Traditional Law Office Through Technology

Speakers: Chris Wendelbo and Stacey Meinen 

Moderator: Lisa Welch

Virtual or versatile law offices are an ideal way to reduce or eliminate the need for a physical office space. The concept even has its own Wikipedia page. According to Wikipedia, “[a] virtual law firm is a legal practice that does not have a bricks-and-mortar office, but operates from the homes or satellite offices of its lawyers, usually delivering services to clients at a distance using technological means of communication.” The benefits and freedoms derived by these alternative office arrangements, however, come with potentially conflicting standards to observe the virtual practice is in compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct. If done properly, the practitioner utilizing this alternative model may result in a more profitable and enjoyable practice.