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The Missouri Bar 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference

 Geoff Gerber

Geoff Gerber
The BrickHouse Law Group
St. Louis

Geoff Gerber keeps waiting for his superpowers to materialize. In the meantime, he uses his lawyer-powers to litigate intellectual property disputes in administrative proceedings, trial courts, and on appeal. As a result, he also spends a chunk of his time counseling clients on safely protecting and using different types of intellectual property. After a decade in the large-law-firm setting where he was an active member of the Electronic Discovery Committee, he co-founded The BrickHouse Law Group with AnchorPlate co-blogger Pete Salsich to deliver these services with a greater degree of collaboration, flexibility, and critical attention to technology. From his secret lair in St. Louis, Geoff thinks and writes about how to improve and protect branding and trade identity. This involves copyright, trademark, unfair competition, and libel law. He has a special interest in character copyright, fair use and first amendment issues. Geoff also tries to cast a critical eye on how to deliver all of these legal services.