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The Missouri Bar 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference

Dr. Deborah Doxsee

Deborah J. Doxsee

Deborah J. Doxsee, JD, PhD-is a registered nurse, licensed psychologist and certified health services provider. Dr. Doxsee works in the hospital setting in primary care and physical medicine and rehabilitation; and is a medical consultant for Disability Determinations. Dr. Doxsee has also participated as a consultant on special committees for the Missouri Bar. Dr. Doxsee is a member of the American Psychological Association and serves on the Board of Director’s Standing Hearing Panel, APA Ethics Office. Dr. Doxsee specializes in working with survivors of violent crime and physical and sexual violence, as well as the assessment of personnel who work in high risk professions (e.g. police, corrections) and legal and medical professionals. She worked in a maximum security forensic mental health facility where she treated acutely ill patients and provided training and supervision to psychology graduate students, hospital staff and psychiatric interns in the forensic setting. Dr. Doxsee is also a lawyer and served as the Assistant Director of the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution, at the University of Missouri, School of Law (1989-1996). Dr. Doxsee worked as an assistant general counsel for forensic litigation in the Office of the General Counsel, Missouri Department of Mental Health and also served as an Associate Municipal Judge in the City of Columbia from 2003-2006.