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The Missouri Bar 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference

Programs by Topic
(as of May 22, 2012)

(Re) Boot Camp: Starting a Practice or Rebooting Your Current Practice

GAL Annual Update Training (Note: Must complete three hours to satisfy annual requirement.)

Trial College/Litigation - Real World Practical Tips and Demonstrations on How to Use Technology in Litigaion

Substantive Programs 
E-Discovery: How David Faces Goliath in a Changing Technical World
Speakers: Geoff Gerber and Pete Salsich 
Ethical Responsibilities When Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity Due to Drugs, Alcohol, or Mental Health Issues
Speakers: Dr. Deborah Doxsee and Sara Rittman 
Resurrected Debt that Haunts Consumers: New Developments in FDCPA Litigation
Speakers: Jim Daher and other TBA 
Preparing the Family Business and Entrepreneurial Family for Business Transition
Speakers: John Christensen and Vic Panus 
How to Enhance Damages in a PI Case
Speakers: Kent EmisonBob Langdon and Phyllis Norman 
Wrongful Foreclosure! Handling Clients Who Call After They're Being Foreclosed
Speakers: Dan Bryan and Roger Wallach 
Forum Non-Conveniens in Missouri
Speaker: Ben Schmickle 
Our Town: Representing Municipalities and Politcal Subdivisions
Speakers: Joe Lauber and Joe Gagnon 
Do Your Clients Need a Long-Term Care Plan? It Depends!
Speakers: Elizabeth Moran and Lois Zerrer 
The New Guidelines for Liability Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (LMSA)
Speakers: Christine Alsop and David Ransin 
Litigating the Class Action Case
Speakers: Noah Wood and Brad Lear 
Merchandising Practices Act: What is it? How do I Use it?
Seakers: Doug Noland and Tom Mendel 
Patent Reform: Impact on the Leahy-Smith American Invents Act
Speakers: Crissa Cook and Randy Schwartz 
MISSION POSSIBLE: Solving the Problem of Negotiation Impasse - Part I
Speaker: Gregg Treadway 
What Every Solo and Small Firm Lawyer Should Know About Employment Law in Current Times
Speakers: Kelly McCambridge and Todd Werts 
So, You've Been Removed to Federal Court? Top 10 Things You Need to Know
Speakers: Maurice Graham and Jim Wyrsch 
Until Death Do Us Part: Together Again in Bankruptcy Court After the Divorce
Speakers: John Caraker 
MISSION POSSIBLE: Solving the Problem of Negotiation Impasse - Part II
Speakers: Gregg Treadway 
The Fundamentals of Handling Workers' Compensation Cases
Speakers: Ellen Morgan and Christina Hammers 
Strategic Bankruptcy Planning: How to Avoid the Bankruptcy Crisis
Speakers: Lisa Mayer and Kimber Baro 
What's New with the ADR World? New Approaches in Mediation Advocacy and Process and U.S. Supreme Court Decision Affirming Arbitration Agreements
Speakers: Rob Litz and Ron Wiesenthal 
It's on Like Donkey Kong: How to Deal with the Insurance Adjuster Who May be Acting in Bad Faith
Speaker: Steve Sanders


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