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The Missouri Bar 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference

Not sure about the new location? See below from those who have been there.

 "In one word:  Spectacular.   Anyone that thinks of Branson in the "traditional" sense of country theaters interspersed with tourist-class hotels will be uterly shocked when they experience Branson Landing.  The conference facilities are first-class.  The nearby shopping and restaurant selection is magnificent.  This is not just a move from one area of the State to another, it is a leap forward by holding the Conference at a location that can accomodate our number of attendees in comfort and style.   As a Committee we have always strived to improve on each Solo Conference from year to year.  The move to Branson Landing will enable future Conferences to grow on what we have offered in the past while giving new opporunities to evolve." Paul Henry, Clayton

"I was the lone hold-out on the Solo and Small Firm Planning Committee, opposing the change to Branson. Then I went. Simply put, the convention facilities and nearby attractions justify the change. Whatever the image of Branson might have been, it is now a shining example of the best that Missouri can offer, and I am a convert to its allure." Corinne Corley, Kansas City

 "I was conference chair when we moved to Tan-Tar-A.  I understand how difficult a change of site is.  Many of our members know I have resisted for years looking at Branson because of how far it is from Hannibal.  All Nancy and I had to do was walk into the hotel to know this was where the conference needed to be.  I am looking forward to the 275 mile drive.  It will be well worth it.Fred Cruse, Hannibal

 "On September 8th and 9th, 2011, I attended the solo/small firm planning committee meeting in Branson, Missouri. Since I am not a native of Missouri, and had never been to Branson, I had no sense of what Branson had to offer. I thought that Branson would be built on country charm and small-town atmosphere. It was a pleasant surprise to see, for myself, that Branson had much more to offer.

The hotel was a wonderful experience. It had the feel of a conference hotel. The hotel was centrally located, so once I parked my car, I could get to everything.

A real shopper, I shopped stores around the hotel as well as Branson Landing. It was well worth the time. I enjoyed a relaxed environment with plenty of opportunities to make my prize find. With price points for nearly every budget and an interesting and wide selection, there's something for nearly everyone. While I don't have children, I recognized the family atmosphere that seemed pervasive. The convenience of the attractions, the shopping opportunities, and the relaxed demeanor of the store personnel made it easy to understand why families vacation in Branson.

Overall, I was impressed with Branson. While a bit more than what I want to pay, and just a bit further than I'd been driving for our conference, I felt I got my money's worth when I balanced the overall experience. Country seems to have given way to relaxed; small town charm seems to have given way to friendly. I look forward to what Branson has to offer our 2012 conference.
" Shira Truitt, Saint Louis