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  • Online RSVP Committee Meeting Form

    Committee Name:

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    My Committee/Section
    Approximate number expected in attendance:
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    Do you think you will have a CLE program at your meeting?  


    If yes or don't know, please remember that you'll need to apply for CLE accreditation before Oct. 17.

    Important Information on CLE Program Development and Timing

    Please Note: If you think you will have a CLE program, you will want to finalize and submit the details needed to receive credit approval (topic, title, presenters, time allotted, etc.) to Chris Janku, so there will be time to review and approve credit before the Oct. 17 deadline for the Fall Committee Meeting final notice printing. (Access MCLE Accreditation Requirements/Submission Form)

    Important Information on Agenda Submission
    If you have an agenda prepared, you can submit it electronically by clicking on the link below. If not, we will need your agenda by Oct. 17 if you would like it included in the Fall Committee meeting final notice. (Access Electronic Form to Submit Agenda)

    You can still send your agenda after the Oct. 17 date and, if time allows, we will send the agenda by email to your committee and post it on the Missouri Bar Fall Committee Meeting website, but the information will be far less effective in communicating with your committee members.