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November 2011

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Dear Immigration Law Committee Members:

Chair Welcome to the third issue of the committee newsletter.  Several members volunteered their articles, in response to our call for submissions.

Thank you to our authors for taking time to write, it is greatly appreciated.   Articles are provided through links.  

Nalini S. Mahadevan
Editor, Missouri Bar Immigration Law Committee Newsletter

This Issue's Articles

  1. Death of Immigration Petitioner Does Not Kill the Case!
    by Jonathan Willmoth

  2. DOJ's Enforcement of IRCA Non-Discrimination Provisions a New Trend
    by Mira Mdivani

  3. Employers Must Police Their State Agency Job Posting During the PERM Process
    by Pat Mack

  4. Fundamentals of Completing I-9 Forms for Employers (Part 1)
    by Nalini Mahadevan

  5. It's a Jungle Out There: Immigration and Family Law
    by Kathleen Harvey

  6. Life after the Morton Memo: Prosecutorial Discretion and How It Didn't Change Anything
    by Angela Williams

  7. Top Ten Reasons You Should Still Do Your Best in School - Even if You Don't Have "Papers"
    by Kathleen Harvey

Opinions and positions stated are those of the authors and not by fact of publication necessarily those of The Missouri Bar. The material within this publication is presented as information to be used by attorneys, in conjunction with other research deemed necessary, in the exercise of their independent judgment. Original and fully current sources of authority should be researched.

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