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Local Government Law Committee

 Local Government Newsletter

Committee Scope

This committee shall:

  1. Provide a common meeting ground and impartial forum for those members of the bar who are engaged in dealing with problems of municipal law in any capacity, whether as attorneys for units of local government, attorneys in practice, law teachers, students or otherwise.
  2. Further a better understanding of the law relating to municipal corporations and other public bodies through the holding of meetings, the making of studies, surveys and analyses, and the dissemination of current information concerning legislation and judicial decisions.
  3. Formulate and submit to the Board of Governors of The Missouri Bar such reports and recommendations as may be deemed useful to the profession and advisable in the public interest.
  4. Further the public interest as the prime factor in the development of municipal law.
  5. The term "municipal law" as used herein shall be understood to mean the law pertaining to units of local government, including counties, cities, towns, villages, districts, authorities, or other local public bodies, whether of general or special function and character.


Local Government Law Committee Chair

Local Government Law Committee
Co-Chair: Barbara E. Birkicht
St. Louis City Counselor's Office
1200 Market St., Room 314
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 622-4698

Local Government Law Committee Resources & Links

Local Government Law Resources

2012 Spring Committee Meeting Powerpoint Presentation