Committee/Section ListServe Address

This page is designed to make it easy for committee chairs to find and send information on their committee listserve.  Simply click on the listserve address below and a window from your email program will open, ready for your message. If you have any problems, call Mary Douglas at (573) 638-2249.

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Committee/Section Name ListServe Address
Administrative Law Committee
Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee  
Animal Law Committee
Business Law Committee
Civil Practice & Procedure Committee
Commercial Law Committee
Construction Law Committee
Criminal Law & Procedure Committee
Delivery of Legal Services Committee
Division of Judicial Administration
Education Law Committee
Elder Law Committee
Eminent Domain Law Committee
Environmental & Energy Law Committee
Family Law Section
Government Attorneys Committee
Health & Hospital Law Committee
Immigration Law Committee
Insurance Law Committee
Juvenile Courts & Laws Committee
Labor & Employment Law Committee   
Lawyers Assistance Committee
Legal Education Committee
Local Government Law Committee
Media Law Committee
Military Law Committee
Minority Issues Committee
Patent & Trademark Law Committee
Pro Bono
Probate & Trust Committee
Property Law Committee
Solo & Small Firm Practice Committee
Taxation Law Committee
Technology & Computer Law Committee
Tort Law Committee
Transportation Law Committee
Women in the Profession Committee
Workers' Compensation Law Committee