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Labor and Employment Law Committee

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Committee Scope   

2015-2016 Officers

Chair: Ferne P. Wolf
Jonathan C. Berns
Kyle B. Russell
Janelle L. Williams 

October 28, 2016
Hampton Inn & Suites
Columbia, Missouri 

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The Dynamic Docket and Legal Update
A lively review and analysis of the past year’s most significant Missouri and federal case decisions in employment, wage and hour, and labor law and newly-enacted statutes and regulations affecting the employment relationship.

New Wage & Hour Regulations
The Department of Labor’s new wage and hour regulations regarding white-collar overtime exemptions are set to take effect December 1. After this session, you will have the tools to help employers comply with the new rules by the deadline, and to identify when employers may not be complying.

Who’s an Independent Contractor vs. Who’s an Employee

LGBTQ Issue in Employment Law

Electronic Discovery

Recurring Ethical Scenarios in Employment Litigation: A Candid Discussion with Missouri Ethics Counsel

NLRB – An Update of Labor Law



Labor and Employment Law Committee Chair

Labor and Employment Law Committee
Chair: Ferne P. Wolf
Sowers & Wolf Attorneys at Law
530 Maryville Centre Dr., Suite 460
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 744-4010

Labor and Employment Law Committee Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter 

Articles in this issue:

  • Missouri Labor & Employment Legal Update
  • Employment Law Verdict Update
  • Eighth Circuit Labor Legal Update
  • Arbitration Agreements in Missouri: The Show Me (Consideration) State

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