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Divorce Video Available for Missouri Lawyers

This video is currently not available.

The Family Law Section of The Missouri Bar is pleased to make its video, "Divorce: A Guide to the Legal Journey Ahead, " available to Missouri Bar members.

This 30-minute video shows clients who are in the divorce process what to expect from the legal system and how to prepare for it. Although designed for client use, the video is available only through attorneys. If you've ever wished that your clients had a better understanding of the divorce process, then you'll be interested in this video.

From filling out Income and Expense Forms to a courtroom demonstration of a cross-examination, this video will take clients on a tour of Missouri's dissolution process. The video can help you save time while it clears up potential misunderstandings that clients have about the divorce process. Every scene, every graphic and every word in this video contributes to it's message: "Your lawyer is standing up for your rights, but he or she is depending on you to provide the information the court needs to provide a fair and just resolution to your divorce."

"Divorce: A Guide to the Legal Journey Ahead" will not replace the guidance and counseling that lawyers provide their divorcing clients––but it can help reinforce what lawyers have already explained to clients. It can save lawyers from having to repeat the same information over and over to a client who may be too stressed to understand or to remember what was explained. Clients will appreciate being able to view a copy of this video in their own home, where they are more comfortable and better able to concentrate.

Topics covered in "Divorce: A Guide to the Legal Journey Ahead":

  • Income and Expense Form
  • Marital and Non-Marital Property Form
  • Child Support and the Parenting Plan
  • Contested vs. Non-Contested Divorces
  • What to Expect in Court -- direct and cross-examination
  • Starting Out Again -- after the dissolution is granted

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