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  • Application by a Missouri Bar Committee for Accreditation of a Continuing Legal Education Program or Activity at Spring/Fall Committee Meetings

    Please Submit Form Prior to March 31 for Spring Committee Meetings.

    Committee Name:

    Chair/Contact Person:
    Email Address:
    Telephone Number:
    Fax Number:
    Title of Program or Activity:
    Outline of topics by title, speaker, and time allocated per topic
    CLE Start/Stop Time


    Materials to be distributed:
    Total number of credit hours requested:
    Number of professionalism, ethics or malpractice prevention hours requested:

    Hours of credit shall be determined by the formula set forth below. The number of accredited hours is the maximum that may be acquired, only hours actually attended may be reported. For a definition of the types of instruction that qualify for professionalism, ethics or malpractice prevention credit, please click here.


    Minutes of Actual Instruction/50 = Hours (Round to the nearest 1/10 of an hour)

    A minimum of 50 minutes of instruction is required. The following may not be counted for credit: coffee breaks, introductory remarks, meal breaks, and business meetings.


    An attorney should keep a personal record of his attendance at the program for the purpose of filing the Attorney's Annual Report of Compliance, Form 1, by July 31 of each year. The attorney or sponsor is not required to submit a certificate or other evidence of attendance at this program or activity to The Missouri Bar. For the obligations of a sponsor, click here.