Immigration Law Committee - Minutes for November 16, 2012

1.  Should the committee take a position and actively petition Missouri State Universities to admit DACA recipients?

Decided:  Yes. Jonathan Wilmouth will write a letter that is short and concise discussing why there is no reason NOT to let them in so we can open a dialogue.   He will email it to the other officers and then we can post to the list for discussion if necessary.  We are trying to undo the years of Kobach being in their ear telling them they cannot admit undocumented folks.  We decided, while there are a variety of other admission related issues for all immigrants, we cannot fight all the battles at once and will focus on getting the schools to admit the kids with DACA.  

2.  CLE ideas: One of our focuses is to reach out to non-immigration lawyers and educate them on immigration issues that may come up in their practices.   We would like to have in person CLEs - maybe lunch time hour presentations in KC and St Louis for sure and also webinars on topics. 

Decided:  Email listserve to ask for presentation topics and speakers willing to present. After I have a list, I can call KCMBA and a St Louis attorney who might be able to help organize dates for topics. 

Member action needed:  Please email me directly at if you are interested in presenting, what your proposed topic is and where you want to present (KC or STL).  

3.  Issue addressed:  Holiday Party.  Mira Mdivani has graciously agreed to host the annual holiday party at her lovely house in Kansas City.  It will be a joint party with the Kansas Immigration law Committee and the Kansas and Missouri AILA Chapter.  It will be December 18, 2012 starting at 6 pm.  An Evite will be forthcoming.  

4.  Newsletter:  We want to publish something prior to the end of the year.  Please submit articles to me directly no later than December 10, 2012.  If you want to email me about proposed topics that will be fine.  We would like to have something emailed to members before mid-December.  The articles need not be law review articles, though they can be.  Write on an immigration related topic that you are knowledgeable in.  It is a great opportunity to get your name in print!

5.  Listserve: Remember that members are available to help newer members and answer questions.  The listserve is a great place to post questions, but you can always feel free to contact members directly.