Minority Issues Committee - Minutes for November 18, 2011

  1. Welcome-Attendees introduced themselves
  2. Updates from Various Minority Bar Associations-
    • Mound City Bar Celebration of Frankie Freeman-November 30,2011
    • Mo. Asian Bar Association, December 3, 2011 Holiday Party
  3. Missouri Legal Diversity website- Requested that new information be supplied to the website that informed members of upcoming events
  4. Spring Retreat: Discussion of Spring Retreat Planning, selecting dates. Hope Whitehead, volunteered to help with planning for the retreat.  Suggestions for topics that could be addressed at the Retreat included the following:
    • Mentoring for new grads and solos, networking
    • Link to minority student organizations Facebook pages to diversity website
    • How to attract younger generation of law student
    • Employment information: How to hang a shingle, how to attract clients, surviving in a down economy
    • Journey to Judicial selection
  5. Spring 2012 CLE – Contact members that had agreed to help plan this event. 
  6. General Announcements:
    • Discover UMKC Law Program- Debbie Brooks, Admissions Dean discussed this program for undergraduates.  This is a paid opportunity for students interested in legal careers
    • Openings in KC for US Attorneys Office and openings on Ct. of  Appeals
    •  Engage public to increase interest in minority candidates and to endorse candidates
    • Judicial appointments are down. Minorities in firms and government offices are down (AGO’s office, Gubernatorial appointments) Need to find a way to address this trend.
    • Possible panel discussion on Non-Partisan Court Plan
    • Work on relationship w/union. Mobilize Minority dollars
    • Opportunities  for minorities at lower levels in  prosecutor’s office and AG’s office