Local Government Law Committee - Minutes for November 18, 2011

CLE Ethics Presentation by Sara Rittman, the Legal Ethics Counsel and Counsel to the Supreme Court Advisory Committee

General Business
1. Introductions and Brief Remarks from:
Mark Levitt, Vice Chairman (brief case law update);
Nathan Nicklaus, Former Chairman, and author of new Missouri Bar Guidebook on The Sunshine Law;
Jessica Mikale, Leader of Local Government Subcommittee on Committee Website; and
Richard Sheets, Deputy Director of Missouri Municipal League.

2. Membership of Legislative Review Subcommittee discussed; Wm. Patrick
Cronin and Allen Garner joined said subcommittee.

Second CLE Session

1. Members were given link to Emily Kelly’s presentation of “Constitutional Limits to Municipal Authority”

2. Betsy Blake, of Williams & Campo, gave a presentation on the other Municipal Law issue of Dangerous Buildings.

Due to lack of time, no “Networking Break” was held for members as contemplated.