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  • Citizenship Education
  • Roleplay: It's My Body!


    Coach Champ -- Girls' basketball coach.
    Coach Winner -- Boys' basketball coach.
    Jack and Jill -- players.

    Setting: High School classroom during a meeting for winter sports.

    COACH CHAMP: All of you players need to know that at any time we can require you to give us a urine sample.

    JACK: No way! That is an invasion of our privacy.

    COACH WINNER: The United States Supreme Court says we can do it and we will.

    JILL: Why are you doing this?

    COACH CHAMP: To test for drug use among the athletes.

    JACK: I didn't think we had a drug problem in this school.

    COACH WINNER: We don't, but we are going to test so we can keep drugs out.

    JILL: I don't think the United States Supreme Court allows you to do that.

    COACH CHAMP: The school lawyers, Joanie Cochran and Mark Clark, say we can legally do this.

    JACK: Those two got their law degrees by correspondence courses.

    1. Who's right, the coaches or the students? See Vernonia v. Acton, 115 Supreme Court Reporter, Page 2386.
    2. Additional activity: Have the students read the Vernonia decision and list the necessary criteria for allowing the urine testing.
    3. The case of BOARD OF EDUCATION OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 92 OF POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY et al. v. EARLS et al. went a step further and allowed random drug testing for all extracurricular event participants.