Information on Attorney Annual Enrollment Fees


 Where Your Enrollment Fee Dollar Goes


For every dollar a member pays in enrollment fees, 63 cents goes toward the operation of The Missouri Bar, 25 cents supports the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel and 12 cents is directed to Legal Services. Of the 12 cents of each dollar that goes to Legal Services, 40% (or the $20 that all members have been assessed since 2003 as part of their Bar Fee) is passed through The Missouri Bar and paid to Legal Services, and 60% (the new “Low Income Legal Services Fee”) will be collected by the Supreme Court and paid to the statutory basic civil legal services fund and then will be distributed to Legal Services.

Missouri Bar Membership Savings and Value


The value of a Missouri Bar membership far exceeds the cost of the annual enrollment fees thanks to the dozens of free membership services, benefits and discounts with law practice resources and management services. Missouri Bar members receive discounts from companies totaling a savings of nearly $1,000 compared to the overall cost to practice in the state of $410. Learn more about all the benefits and services available to you in the Missouri Bar’s Member Benefits and Services Guide.

For more details or personal assistance, contact The Missouri Bar at (573) 635-4128.