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  • The Missouri Bar Staff

    The Missouri Bar serves the public and its 30,000 members with a full-time staff of almost 50 people. Various departments within the organization are responsible for such activities as administration, communications, legislation, continuing legal education, minimum continuing legal education, and lawyers' assistance services.

    The directors and assistant directors are listed below:

    Executive Director
    Sebrina A. Barrett

    (573) 638-2235

    Citizenship Education
    Millie Aulbur, Director
    (573) 638-2250

    CLE Programs
    Delores L. Shepherd, Director 
    (573) 638-2238

    Danelle Cord, CLE Programs Attorney
    (573) 638-2244

    Communications (Including Journal of The Missouri Bar)
    Gary P. Toohey, Director
    (573) 638-2222

    Finance and Administration
    Kent R. Hopper, Deputy Executive Director
    (573) 638-2239

    Government Relations
    Eric Jennings, Government Relations Counsel
    (573) 659-2280

    Eric Wilson, Government Relations Counsel
    (573) 638-2240

    Lawyers' Assistance Program
    Anne Chambers, Director

    (573) 638-2262

    Media Relations
    Farrah Fite, Director 
    (573) 638-2251

    Membership Services & Law Practice Management (Including CLE Publications)
    R. Lucas Boling, Director
    (573) 638-2276

    Cindy Neagle, Law Practice Management Attorney
    (573) 638-2277

    MIS (IT)
    Jeff Markway, Director 
    (573) 638-2271

    Programs (MCLE Reporting and Compliance)
    Christopher C. Janku, Director
    (573) 638-2231

    Projects (Committees, Sections, Divisions and Annual Meeting)
    Robert Stoeckl, Director
    (573) 638-2225