Newly Elected Missouri Bar President Assumes Role

Kansas City Attorney Jack Brady Says Priorities Center Around “Relevancy”

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Kansas City attorney P. John Brady assumed his role as 2013-2014 president of The Missouri Bar at the opening luncheon of the bar’s 132nd Annual Meeting on Thursday, September 19. Brady, a shareholder in the firm of Polsinelli P.C., succeeds Pat Starke of Blue Springs as president of the 30,000-member organization. Brady’s major practice areas include commercial and tort litigation for businesses. 

“Relevancy” is the theme of his presidency, with programs that will utilize the Internet to better educate the public on the administration of justice and assist attorneys in improving their productivity, identify the best methods of providing support for organizations that provide legal services to low-income Missourians, and aid successful transitions for new lawyers and lawyers ready to retire.

The People’s Justice System: Under Brady’s leadership, The Missouri Bar will develop online resources that are easily accessible to Missourians that will help improve their knowledge of how the state’s legal system works.

“Missouri’s system of justice belongs to the people of our state and the citizens deserve ready access to information that helps them better understand how it works,” Brady said. “To that end, we will use technology to provide videos and other resources to educate the public on what to do—or at least consider—when faced with a common legal problem.” 

Support for Legal Aid: Brady will create a task force to examine best practices in other states and recommend ways to provide continuing support to organizations which offer legal assistance to low-income individuals.

“We can do better when it comes to meeting the demand to provide affordable legal services to low-income Missourians,” Brady said. “That is why I am creating a task force that will look at ways to best support all organizations that provide legal assistance to low-income Missourians in order to help them better meet the needs of Missourians who can’t afford an attorney.”

Relevancy to Lawyers: Brady will work with members of the Bar to determine ways to increase relevancy as well as implement digital strategies aimed at improving the Bar’s website and online resources to better engage and assist members of The Missouri Bar.

“Maintaining and improving The Missouri Bar’s relevance to all of its members is one of my primary goals,” said Brady. “In order to remain relevant to nearly 30,000 members, The Missouri Bar must continually assess what resources its members need and how it provides those needed resources to its members.”

Successful Transitions: Brady will focus on key transitions in the profession, helping young lawyers have a fulfilling career and senior lawyers transition from the practice of law into retirement.

“In today’s economy, it can be very difficult for young lawyers to succeed and for senior attorneys to be able to wind down their practice,” Brady said. “By creating programs to assist both sectors of attorneys, we can make sure more of our members successfully transition at key points in their careers.”

Additional Priorities:  Brady will continue to promote The Missouri Bar’s Pro Bono opportunities, whether it is to assist disaster survivors, or to provide access for low-income people in civil matters or criminal cases. Brady noted he will continue work on several key initiatives already under way, including protecting the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan, efforts to pass legislation that would reorganize Missouri’s Criminal Code, and building participation in Amicus Lex, a program which connects lawyers with their legislators in order to provide legislators with a trusted, local voice when it comes to the Bar’s position on key issues.

Personal and Professional Background
A member of the Board of Governors since 2002, Brady served as president-elect for the past year working diligently to protect Missouri’s Nonpartisan Court Plan.

In addition to his duties with the bar, Brady is a former president of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, having served on its executive committee. He is a lifetime member of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation and served as president of that organization in 2005. He has served as national chair of the American Association of Justice’s Business Torts Section and currently serves as co-chair of the Business Torts and Unfair Competition Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section on Litigation.

Brady has been a speaker at numerous state, national and local legal education programs for lawyers. He is also the author of a variety of bar journal articles.

He earned his law degree in Nebraska from Creighton University and completed his undergraduate work with a B.S. in business at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

To learn more about Brady, visit The President’s Page on The Missouri Bar’s website at; or connect through social media at and

Brady will serve a one-year term as president. The election for his successor will be held at The Missouri Bar’s Annual Meeting in September 2014 in Kansas City.

The Missouri Bar is a statewide organization that is dedicated to improving the legal profession, the law and the administration of justice for all Missourians. Created in 1944 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri, it serves all 30,000 of Missouri’s practicing attorneys. To achieve its mission, The Missouri Bar provides a wide range of services and resources to its members, as well as the media, educators and the citizens of Missouri. To learn more about The Missouri Bar, visit

MoBar Quick Info

Organization and Purpose: The Missouri Bar is the statewide organization that all Missouri lawyers must belong to if they practice law. The Missouri Bar was created in 1944 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri. It is considered an instrumentality of the state, not a private association nor a state agency. Its mission is to improve the legal profession, the administration of justice, and law on behalf of the public.

Member Size: Currently, the bar is comprised of about 32,000 members.

Staff Size: The executive director, Sebrina Barrett, supervises a staff of 50 employees. Click here to see a Staff Directory

Budget: Approximately $10 million. No tax dollars are used to support Missouri Bar activities. Most money is derived from dues that lawyers pay; some is derived from CLE programs and publications, grants and The Bar Foundation.

Governance: The Board of Governors of The Missouri Bar determines policies and sets the course of action for the state bar to follow. The 45 members of the Board are elected by bar members. The Board elects a president, president-elect and vice president to serve as officers of the bar.

Sections and Committees: The Missouri Bar offers more than 50 substantive law committees for its members to join. It also has two sections: a Family Law Section, and the Young Lawyers' Section.

Location: The Missouri Bar Center is located in Jefferson City, at 326 Monroe St.

Missouri Bar Resources and Activities: The Missouri Bar provides a wide variety of services and resources, not only to its members, but also to the news media, school teachers and the citizens of Missouri. These include: CLE programs and publications, an Annual Meeting, a Solo and Small Firm Conference, teachers’ programs, committee meetings and extensive services for attorneys. The bar also administers a minimum continuing legal education requirement for attorneys.