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Nathan Nickolaus, Esquire

Purchaser has standing to oppose setting aside tax sale even when County is requesting party.  Manager of Revenue of Jackson County v. Nigro Family Partnership, No. 71978 (Mo. App. W.D.,   November 30, 2010), Martin, J.
Appellant purchased land at a tax sale, but had not yet sought an order confirming the sale so that title had not yet passed.  County later learned that proper notice had not been given to original owners.  County filed an unverified petition to set aside sale, but did not name Appellant as a party. County obtained summary judgment setting sale aside.
Held:  Judgment set aside and remanded.  Purchaser is an aggrieved party with standing and should have been named in the petition.  On remand the County must produce evidence that reasonable notice not given.

The Missouri Bar Courts Bulletin, 11-Feb